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The Return of the Unfilial Sons 

The third studio album of Iranian metal band Confess is their first long-play released in freedom after political persecution and exile. “Revenge at All Costs” is a crude story of oppression and catharsis, but above all, the determination to prevail. Eleven tracks introducing us to the band’s recent sonic experiments, recorded and mixed by Erling Malm. Mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Machine (Lamb of God, Suicide Silence, Miss May I, and many others). 


Frontman Nikan Khosravi wrote "Revenge at All Costs" while he was bailed out of prison and waiting for his trial by the Iranian government (2016-2017). "The main idea of this album was to talk about all the different aspects of my life [back then]", he comments. "From the arrest, living in jail, the stressful life out of jail while waiting for my day in court, and the exile."


The complexity of this experience is reflected on the different sounds of the album. The haunting intro contains recordings of Iranian media, slowly transitioning to "EVIN". The track is named after one of Iran's harshest prisons, experienced first-hand by Khosravi and fellow band member Arash Ilkhani.


Songs like "Phoenix Rises" have undeniable 80s thrash metal influences, "while Ransom Note" has death metal written all over it. But their groove metal roots are ever-present throughout the album. Mid-tempo tracks like "I Speak Hate" are a non-stop headbanging cocktail. "Megalodon" was Khosravi's first experiment with seven strings, making speakers tremble with its down-tuned atmosphere.  


“Revenge at All Costs” presents us with the most elaborate lyrics in the history of Confess. "The whole record is so personal that I hope the listeners hear it differently because this is my lyrical novel based on real events", Khosravi tells us. 


“Revenge at All Costs” was released in January 21st 2022. 

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Confess Logo_edited.png


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